Tips & Techniques

Make an easy project go even smoother with our helpful tips and techniques!

Before You Begin
TIP: Watch the instructional DVD. It's a helpful, step-by-step overview packed with information on how to easily transform your countertops in a weekend.

Application Tips
TIP: If you are planning on replacing your sink in the near future, now is an ideal time.

TIP: Complete de-glossing is CRITICAL for proper coating system performance.

Application Tips
TIP: Hold the roller at a high angle when rolling on the Adhesive Base Coat for a smooth application.

TIP: Only use Wetting Agent on Adhesive Base Coat - Do not use with Protective Top Coat. Avoid getting Wetting Agent on painted surfaces, appliances, cabinets or countertops that have not been coated with Adhesive Base Coat.

TIP: Remember: More is Better! Apply enough Decorative Chips to completely cover the entire backsplash, front edge and flat surface. Refill Decorative Chip Dispenser as needed.

TIP: Once mixed and activated, you will have 4 hours to apply the Protective Top Coat. Do not use leftover Protective Top Coat after 4 hours, even if it's still liquid.

TIP: Avoid leaning in to or touching the countertop while wet or tacky.

TIP: Allow to dry 48 hours for light use. Allow to dry 7 days for full use.



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