Kit Contents
Kit Contents Kit Contents
Pamphlet Instructional Pamphlet
Pamphlet Instructional DVD
Adhesive Base Coat Adhesive Base Coat 1 quart
  • Provides maximum adhesion
  • Non-peeling; fuses tightly to original countertops
  • Low-odor and easy to apply
  • Bonds the decorative colour chips to the new surface
Wetting Agent Wetting Agent 8 oz.
  • Keeps the adhesive base coat wet longer and improves the adhesion of the
    decorative colour chips
Wetting Agent Decorative Colour Chips
  • Available in an array of timeless colours
  • Colourfast, fade-resistant pigments
  • Enhances durability while beautifying surfaces
Protective Top Coat (Part A & B) Protective Top Coat (Part A: 1 pint & Part B: 1 quart)
  • Breakthrough non-yellowing siliconized epoxy formula
  • Cross-linking technology for ultimate durability
  • Industrial strength for superior household stain and water resistance
  • Tough enough to handle food stains and harsh (non-abrasive) household cleaners
  • Affordable designer finish that lasts
  • Reinforced with HomeShield™ Antimicrobial Protection
Diamond-Embedded Sanding Tool Diamond-Embedded Sanding Tool
  • Diamond-tough sanding screen for quick, easy sanding
  • Unique 2-in-1 tool for sanding existing laminate surface and polishing
    decorative colour chips
Sanding Block Sanding Block
  • Remove excess decorative chips
Decorative Chip Dispenser Decorative Chip Dispenser
  • Specially designed for easy application of Decorative Colour Chips
Decorative Chip Scraper Decorative Chip Scraper
  • Knocks down decorative chip edges and removes loose decorative chips from the surface to allow for quicker sanding
Texture Sample Texture Sample
  • A helpful sample that displays just how much you should sand down the decorative chips
Stir Sticks Stir Sticks
  • Prepares coating for application
Other Items Needed
  • (1) 6" x 3/8" Nap Microfiber Roller and Frame
  • (1) 6" High-Density Foam Roller and Frame
  • (2) 2" Synthetic Brushes
  • (2) Paint Trays
  • Smooth Painter's Tape (2" size)
  • Drop Cloth
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Dust Mask
  • Lint-Free Rags
  • Protective Eyewear


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