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  • ADDED PROTECTION: HomeShield™ Antimicrobial Protection protects the painted surface by inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew and other odor causing microbes.
  • Why is this important? If the proper temperature and humidity conditions exist, mold can grow on virtually any surface including laminate countertops. Growing mold is capable of causing serious damage to this substrate, and can jeopardize human health in extreme conditions. Mold growth and substrate deterioration are often accompanied by the production of strong odors which reduce indoor air quality. Once the integrity of the coating is compromised, the substrate is vulnerable to more rapid biological attack. For this reason, Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations is reinforced with HomeShield™ Antimicrobial Protection to protect and extend the life of the coating, which in turn, protects the laminate substrate.
  • Why is HomeShield™ superior to others? HomeShield™ Antimicrobial Protection guarantees the product has undergone unique rigorous qualification testing, as well as recertification, to ensure it consistently contains the highest level of antimicrobial protection available. Consumers buying HomeShield™ approved products are assured they are purchasing the "Gold Standard" of antimicrobial protection.


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